Detachment from gravity (SS’17)

«D E T A C H M E N T   F R O M   G R A V I T Y»

S P R I N G   –   S U M M E R   2 0 1 7


The world is so inviting: the clouds of pollen against a deep-blue sky, where fireflies twinkle and nightingales sing. The meadows are velvet green, the rocks are flashed with silver-this is the symphony of the peach-colored dawn.

Discoveries to be made! With every step. And you swing thrilling, jump high to hover and then dive. This is bliss. You feel light-weighed, just like the fog, being wrapped in delicate chiffon petals.

When breathless, you can hear the underwater world playing a melody, you can watch the fascinating dance of jellyfish. You can even sense the ether and the faraway staccato of the tropical rains, the whisper of blossoming flowers, the sound of Earth. No borders left, all seems to be as one. You lose integrity to be in sync with the Universe. Climbing the heights you feel lightness instead of fatigue, you rush into the depths and find you can breathe freely under water. You feel as if you had a magic wand to conduct the orchestra made up of ocean waves. No anxiety or passion keeps you blind. The lightness of being is so precious.

Love takes pains. If there is one who lets you pierce the magic. No way to warm the ice under your thumb. Meltwater is to flush your will. No help to disclose the secret signs. They still remain a mystery. You can just fall asleep with his wonderful voice. No worries, free to dream a perfect dream. The unseen cords will play the beat of the loving heart.

Getting through the mystic wood, you are after his shadow, not hunting- captivated. The amulet on your bosom is suddenly lit up. Around him, you can turn into a flower, to have a bath in a forest lake and wear moonlight as if it were a cloak. Wonders happen when he is around. This path is unforgettable, worth a thousand words, a unique experience. It is reserved for you.


Forest Glade


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