About us

A moment of complete immersion in the sounds of forest for those who live in the city. A moment of relaxation for all those lost in wireless networks.

Leave the noise and bustle behind and take time to absorb the crystal-clear forest air, listen to the sounds of frosty pines topped with huge stars, see how everything glistens with dew and watch long streaks of mist floating above the fields. Notice thick drops of blackberries hiding under the emerald green blanket, hear the music of bellflowers and the sound of cuckoos and see the sun travelling amidst the forest trees. Feel your heart pound while listening to the wind blowing through the leaves! How splendid is the sky that covers the forest mysteries. The scents and sounds interweave into the long lines of yarn. The wool is tender and soft like a web. The cotton is shimmering and flowing like a stream, and the chiffon is tiny, as if it were made from sun dust. The bright flashes of beads look like colorful berries covering a forest glade.

This is how Forest Glade Handmade collection is made. Each creation is born from the images and music of the forest, far away from the noise of the city. Each item is unique, just like nature itself.

You can also take a part of the living nature with you and feel peace and tranquility, keeping your spiritual balance in the midst of everyday city life.